Expert Counsel for Optimal Results

Clients turn to D.T. Mistick & Co. for a variety of consulting needs including estimating property losses, preparing disaster response plans, and planning for new construction and renovation projects.

Having a staff consisting of talented professionals from many different backgrounds, D.T. Mistick & Co. can assist our clients with several types of consulting requests. For projects that are historical in nature, our Historic Preservationist can guide our clients through the steps of renovating a property in accordance with preservation standards by researching the necessary guidelines and protocol.

Our Disaster Planning Specialist and Facilities Consultant works closely with major businesses, property managers, and the insurance industry on disaster planning, restoration, and return to work policies. If and when a disaster strikes, we can help you implement your emergency plan to keep your business operating, while navigating through your loss. The best defense in the time of any emergency is to have a plan and response procedure in place before the emergency happens.

D.T. Mistick & Co. employs an Insurance Loss Specialist with expertise in the insurance field. Our expertise lies in assisting clients and adjusters with policy reviews, coverage issues, and scope of work development. As a liaison between owners, adjusters, and contractors we can facilitate fair settlements for all parties.